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Prayer time in Islam varies daily due to the position of the sun. Knowing the exact time of the five daily prayers is very important for all Muslims. Detect your location to find the prayer time for your place of residence. Otherwise, browse the list of prayer times by department.

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Methods for calculating prayer times

Setting prayer times in the USA and around the world depends on the position of the sun throughout the day. This is why prayer times vary depending on the season and location.

The time of each Muslim prayer begins when the sun is a certain degree below the horizon. It is linked to the angle that we take into account and this differs depending on the geographical position.

How do we calculate prayer time

In the USA, the methodologie used to calculate and determine the time of prayer is the ISNA. The Islamic Society of North America use the 15° degree. These degrees represent the position of the sun in relation to the earth's horizon in the place where prayer times in Islam are calculated.

When do Muslim prayers begin

The sobh prayer commonly called the morning prayer

The Sobh prayer begins at dawn or dusk in the morning. The time allotted for Sobh prayer ends just before sunrise. The Sobh prayer, which is the first obligatory prayer of the day, should not be confused with that of Salat Fajr, which is a strongly recommended prayer.

Mawakit of the Dohr prayer or mid-day prayer

The time allotted for Dohr prayer begins at midday, when the sun's rays exceed the meridian. For convenience and precaution, many Muslim prayer time calendars add 5 minutes to determine the start of the Dhor prayer time. The allotted time of this prayer ends at the beginning of Asr.

Mawakit Salat Asr or the afternoon prayer

The time of Asr prayer depends on the size of the shadow cast by an object. Imam Shafii indicates that the time of Asr prayer begins when the size of the shadow exceeds the size of the object. For his part, Imam Al Hanafi says that the time of Asr prayer begins when the projected shadow exceeds twice the size of the object.

Salat Maghrib or the sunset prayer

The Maghrib prayer schedule begins with sunset and its time of performance ends with the start of Salat Al-Isha.

Icha or night prayer

The Isha prayer can be performed when night falls and the evening twilight disappears. It is mainly the Isha prayer time which will be different depending on the calculation nail.

Methods used in calculating prayer times in Islam

  1. Uom Al-Qura, Mecca: 19° for salat sobh and the Isha prayer takes place 90 minutes after Maghrib (120 min during the month of Ramadan).
  2. Egyptian General Organization of Surveying: 19.5° for salat sobh and 17.5° for Icha.
  3. Islamic Society of North America (ISNA): 15° for salat sobh and Icha.
  4. World Islamic League: 18° for salat sobh and 17° for Icha.
  5. University of Islamic Sciences of Karachi: 18° for salat sobh and Icha.

A Muslim prayer calendar: what for?

To simplify the performance of prayer for Muslims, theologians and astronomers have set up Muslim prayer calendars which make it possible to know the time of prayer for all cities in the world, without resorting to observing the position of the prayer. sun on the horizon.

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