The fidya in Islam (compensation) [2022]

If you do not fast on one or more days of Ramadan, you will have to pay some form of compensation for each day not fasted. You have to pay fidya (fidyah) for fasts missed out of necessity, which cannot be made up afterwards. However, for any missed fast unnecessarily (without good reason), you will have to pay kaffarah.

What is Fidya?

When someone cannot fast during Ramadan and cannot make up for lost days afterwards (for example, due to poor health or pregnancy), then he should pay (fidya) for someone another be fed.

God says “…Whoever of you is sick or traveling, shall fast an equal number of other days. But for those who could not bear it (only with great difficulty), there is a compensation: to feed a poor man. And if someone does more of his own accord, it is for him; but it is better for you to fast; if you knew ! Sura 2, verse 184.

Note: Fidya is mainly for those who suffer from a long-term illness or who are unable to fast due to old age and are unable to catch up on fasting after Ramadan. Many researchers also include pregnancy in this category.

The fidyah is obligatory also if you leave more than one lunar year to make up for the days not fasted.

How to Calculate Fidyah

The Fidya amount to be paid for a missed fast (which cannot be made up afterwards) is 7€. To calculate how much fidya you have to pay, multiply 7€ by the number of fasts you missed out of necessity.

Amount of fidya 2022?

The fidya amount for each missed fast for Ramadan 2022 is €7 (it was €5 in 2020). This should provide one person two meals or two people one meal. However, if someone misses all Ramadan fasts, they will have to pay €210 (€7 x 30 days).

You can pay this amount to SIF – Islamic relief.

What is the difference between Fidya and Kaffarah?

Fidya is paid for deliberately missing a fast with a valid reason for doing so. However, kaffarah is only paid if you miss or break a fast without good reason. The amount paid in fidya for each missed fast is equivalent to feeding one person. However, when paying kaffarah, the payment for each missed fast is equivalent to feeding 60 people.

Who can receive fidyah?

The fidya should be given only to the poor and needy, not to everyone. Scholars consider fidyah to be like zakat. So those who have the right to receive it are those who have the right to zakat.

What is Fidya in Islam?

Fidya (fidyah) is a religious gift intended to help people in need. It is paid only when a person is unable to fast during Ramadan. The reasons are medical: pregnancy, chronic illness…, and will not be able to catch up on the fast.

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